Technical FAQ

Software Requirement Queries

Q. What other software does InTransit need to run?

A. InTransit comes packaged with all of the required software to get started.

Q. My machine does not meet the specifications listed in the details guide. Does this mean I cannot use InTransit?

A. Not exactly, it is highly possible that InTransit will still run correctly. You may notice performance drawbacks but the core of InTransit has been built to be as accessible as possible - allowing it to run on most machines.

Q. I read that InTransit uses SQL Server, is this true?

A. Yes, InTransit utilised SQL Server to store data.

SQL Server Queries

Q. Do I have to install SQL Server on my server to run this software?

A. Not neccessarily, InTransit needs a SQL Server instance to connect to; but this does not mean it has to reside on a server machine - SQL Server can be installed on any machine.

Q. Does InTransit provide an installation of SQL Server?

A. If a support package is purchased, InTransit may provide a member of the technical team to dial in and install the SQL Server instance remotely. This is however down to the specific nature of how the machines are networked together and the network infrastructure.

« For more details on this point, please contact us.

Q. Can I take backups are restore InTransit databases onto other machines?

A. The databases are not locked in any way, shape, or form. If you have access to SQL Server, you can take copies of your data as required.

Q. I cannot install SQL Server on any of my machines. Does this mean I cannot use InTransit?

A. Of course not. For those who cannot install SQL Server on any of their machines, we provide a hosted solution which allows you to connect to a hosted database on any of your machines.

Hosted Solution Queries

Q. If I choose a hosted solution, what are the pros and cons?

A. Choosing a hosted solution means that you will need to connect via the internet and if your internet is running slowly, this can have an affect. The bonus of using a hosted solution however is that you bypass the requirement to set up a SQL Server and you can access your data from anywhere.

Q. I'm trialing a demo version of InTransit that is using a hosted database. Can I port the hosted data onto my local machine if I choose InTransit as my software supplier?

A. As part of the local installation and support; we can provide you a one off restore of the data from the hosted solution on your localised SQL Server instance.