Sales FAQ

Q. What exactly does the software do?

A. The software essentially covers all your logistical background operations, integrating them into one easy programme. By this we mean it can schedule all your drivers jobs and routes. It can integrate with Tom Tom, your accounts software and invoicing and it is a database for all your clients, vehicle fleet and drivers, and thats just the basics. Vastly reducing the amount of time and money spent on the administrative side of your business.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Whilst the website has off the shelf prices for Economy, Premium and Enterprise packages it is hard to put a price on a tailored package until we know what you the customers exact requirements are... how long is a piece of string? However, we are always delighted to take you through a Free Demonstration of the software to fine tune your needs and prepare a quote.

Q. How many users is the software licenced for?

A. As many as you like! Unlike our competitors we do not sell the software based on how many users you have. Once you have purchased it, its yours!

Q. Do you offer a support and post-purchase care package?

A. Of course, in year one we offer a comprehensive care package, beyond that we can supply a fully supportive care package competitively priced to suit your needs.

Q. Does the package update critical data back into any relevant accounts packages?

A. Yes, at the click of a button the software can update all your data back to Sage, Quickbooks or the accounts package of your preference.

Q. Can I get daily reports?

A. Yes, all users have the option to add new reports or edit current ones set up at the start of your relationship with InTransit.

Q. Can you integrate with my current tracking system?

A. At the moment we can fully integrate with Tom Tom as UK partners, there is always scope for us to integrate with other systems where there is a requirement.

Q. How long will it take to get the software up and running?

A. Not long, the sooner the better for all of us, we have a dedicated support team who will assist you with the setup, building the software on a milestone basis from day one.

Q. How many vehicles do I need for the software to benefit my business?

A. Just one! having been taken through a free online demonstration many of our customers with just one vehicle see the advantages of the product, seeing how the software reduces admin time whether you are one man in his van or Nippon Express Worldwide.

Q. Does the software have to be backed up in my office every day or do you have cloud/hosting facilities.

A. Its up to you, if you have the software in-house we recommend a daily back up. Alternatively we can host your software on a cloud with an automated back up facility.